Core Objective

To offer quality research and training to individuals, groups, communities and institutions for sustainable development.

Specific Objectives:

  • To conduct research for organizations and communities;
  • To offer relevant training to individuals, groups, institution and communities for sustainability; and
  • To undertake project and policy formulation, review and evaluation.
  • Our Mission

    To be the premier consulting and training firm dedicated to transforming organizations and communities..

    Our Vision

    To ensure quality research, innovation and capacity training for individual, target groups, institution and communities through harnessing the best knowledge, skills and technology by improving access to information, community resources and other social economic opportunities.

    What we do

    The firm focuses on research and training that is interactive, collaborative and experiential in a participatory approach.


    We align our efforts with our core values and business strategies in two key areas: Research and Training.

    Research and Training

    Through its research networks, Tyjanion Consult carries out analytical research and creates strategies in a number of disciplines to build capacity on its clients through the following programs.

    Training and Facilitation

    We facilitate trainings, design and production of training materials at various levels to enable development practitioners and their beneficiaries to access projects and initiatives that help in building both organizations and the communities.


    a) Understanding clients needs, objectives and their context in a
    particular area of development.
    b) Bringing together a well qualified team.
    c) Design customized effective solutions using professional research
    methodologies supported by appropriate technologies.
    d) Adhering to agreed deliverables, timelines and budgets; effective data collection and analysis and quality reporting.


    a) Credibility
    b) Collaboration
    c) Integrity
    d) Innovation


    We support the education, health, natural resource, civic, social services and disaster relief programs vital to the well-being of the communities for sustainability.


    a) Education: Production of literacy materials and training programmes for institutions, groups and communities.
    b) Governance: Evaluation of Popular Participation and Empowerment programmes as well as formulation of development plans.
    c) Health: Formulating health policies, designing training programmes and materials for the health sector.
    d) Agriculture: Training to extension workers.
    e) Water: Formulation and writing of water action plans to organizations.